About Us

With a clear vision to revolutionise the way we travel, the Moopy brand was established. Our mission is to create backpacks that not only make short trips easier and more convenient but also provide a solution to the expensive checked luggage fees when flying. Our brand goes beyond functionality; we strive to produce backpacks that are visually appealing, practical, and, most importantly, affordable.

Each Moopy product is created with meticulous care, taking into consideration the preferences and everyday needs of both professionals and leisure travellers. We want our customers to have complete confidence in our backpacks during their trips.

At Moopy, we understand the power of online operations. By eliminating excessive markups, we make our backpacks accessible to a wide range of individuals. We firmly believe that true value lies not in following trends, but rather in embracing one's own unique style.

Choose Moopy for a travel experience that combines convenience, affordability, and style. Join the revolution today.

Moopy encompasses far beyond merely backpacks, bags and accessories. It represents a way of life, where you forge your own distinct path towards your ultimate aspirations. Embark on this inspiring journey alongside us, using the captivating hashtag #moopyonline.